Santiago Hernandez, Chief Academic OfficerThe 2020 programme of WIT conferences is almost complete, with the exception of the BEM/MRM 43 Conference which is to take place in December. The events had been planned in beautiful European cities, in collaboration with well-known universities, in venues that provided a friendly atmosphere for networking and the interchange of ideas among delegates.

Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a worldwide health crisis and reduced people´s mobility, resulting in many institutions having to cancel their meetings and conferences. The institute reacted quickly to the crucial situation and promptly arranged a scheme of online events which allowed easy participation for delegates, wherever their location, something that was very important to us, given the fact that WIT conferences attract researchers from many continents.

The Institute is proud to report that the feedback received from our delegates via the post event questionnaire, given to the delegates requesting their opinion on the event, has provided scores of an average value higher than 4 (in a range from 1 to 5, where 5 is the top score) in terms of quality of the presentations, ease of access to the conference documents and overall rating of the event.

For 2021 WIT has, as usual, an exciting programme of conferences with 15 events, some of which have already been announced on the Web. The dates and venues are described in the information for each conference. Our strong hope is that the pandemic will decline, thus allowing the conferences to take place as in-person events, with the scientific community being in a position to meet again, but in any case the Institute is truly committed to the safety of the delegates and so we are ready once again to adapt the conferences into online formats as we successfully did this year.

We look forward to your participation in our 2021 conferences and reiterate the sincere wishes of all at WIT for good health for you and your families.

My very best regards


Santiago Hernández
Chief Academic Officer
Ashurst Lodge