Webinar on Air Pollution (Revisited)

17th May 2022, 2pm to 4pm (BST)


Webinar on Modelling and Reshaping the Future of MobilityOverview

Air Pollution has been with us for many years. It has been a subject which, at a local level, has received a lot of attention especially since the beginning of industrialisation, when the search began for ways to mitigate the consequences of the use of resources at industrial and domestic level, and later with the increase in transportation of people and goods. Over the years the negative effects of the massive use of resources and the evidence of trans-boundary pollution, forced us to find more advanced ways of dealing with the problems at regional level. More recently the problem caused by the use of CFCs and the subsequent Ozone hole, as well as the yet unsolved problem of Climate Change, have exacerbated the global consequences of atmospheric pollution.

WIT has always been involved in collaborating with research, knowledge transfer through conferences and publishing in respected Journals, thus following closely the evolution of the subject at an international level.


Webinar Presentations

The webinar consisted of three 20-minute presentations selected from among the best papers presented at our 2021 conferences and also included a 30-minute Q&A session at the end for attendees’ questions to be put to the presenters.

The programme included the following presentations:

  • “ACEMIS: A Tool to Reduce the Environmental Footprint of Airlines”
    Jeremy Cure, Altran Tec, France

  • “How effective are nature-based solutions in different environments?”
    Ana Ascenso, University Of Aveiro, Portugal

  • “Assessment of indoor and outdoor exposure to airborne particles in subway metro stations and their associated health risk”
    Amit Passi, IIT Madras, India

Webinar recording

We are making the recording from the our latest webinar available for the next 30 days.

Air Pollution (Revisited) Webinar Recording


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